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Food Testing

Food quality and safety analysis is an inevitable part of food industry. With intentional and unintentional adulteration becoming a common practice, consumers have started to pay careful attention to the quality of the food they purchase. Food safety and hygiene control policies ensure public health protection and demand manufacturers to implement food quality strategies. Food testing ensures that the food is free of physical, chemical and biological threats.

Food testing helps the consumers to make healthy choices as the labels on the products state the nutritional composition such as total calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugars, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, etc. The elaborate description assists the consumers to refrain from the compounds they are allergic to or want to avoid. Food testing laboratories provide services from the production of raw materials to manufacturing, processing, and packaging and sometimes even beyond.

Why is food testing important?

  • To identify adulterants, pesticide residues, pathogens, chemical or microbial contaminants, non- permitted additives and antibiotics in food and to implement comprehensive food safety and quality strategies.
  • To ensure ingredients and additives used are standardized and within recommended levels.
  • To achieve compliance with local, national and international food and trade laws.
  • To protect public health as it is a social responsibility
  • To give authenticity and transparency and thereby build and maintain trust in consumers.
  • Services provided

    To identify risk factors and to improve quality of food products, we use the latest methods and technologies. We typically test products such as drinking water, dairy products, bakery and confectionary products, beverages, spices, tea, honey, poultry products, oil and fats, canned foods, fruit juices and sauces, seafood and meat products, etc. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

    Shelf life testing services
  • Microbiology testing
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Meat species identification
  • Sensory analysis services
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO) testing
  • Residues and contaminants testing
  • Species analysis testing
  • Pesticide residue testing
  • Allergens testing
  • Veterinary drug residue testing
  • We cater to the needs of businesses in retail, hospitality, and processing sectors and offer specialist services like food quality inspection, hygiene audits, food packaging, food safety certification, food nutritional label, and supplier audits. We also provide training programs for your employees with regards to current and future regulatory developments. Accurate test results and fast turnaround time are guaranteed and our services can be customized and tailored according to your needs.