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Chemical Testing

In this eco-friendly and eco-conscious world, sustainability is now a way of life. The effects of toxic pollution disrupt the ecological balance and pose a serious threat to millions of lives. In the modern society, the usage of chemicals in manufacturing consumer products is inevitable and therefore, chemical safety is essential to avoid risks to human health as well as the environment.

Chemical analysis and testing help to ensure the products are safe for consumers as chemical testing gives a great deal of information about a sample’s quality and helps to trace hazardous chemicals and impurities. Chemical testing helps manufacturers comply with regional, national and international directives and for businesses manufacturing and supplying products around the world, chemical compliance is paramount. Chemical testing is a process to identify and understand the quality and composition of chemical substances and materials used in manufacturing and industrial processes.

Why is chemical analysis and testing important?

Compliance with regulatory and safety requirements is indispensable for sustenance of any growing industry.

Promoting safety: Products that contain harmless substances reassure the targeted audience.

Avoid penalty: Failure to observe the industry statutes attracts heavy fines.

Guaranteed access: Certain markets may be unfeasible if a product contains restricted substances.

Reliability: Using unsafe substances may risk reputational damage.

Services provided

Our services include the complete range of chemical testing needed for international chemical compliance and product acceptance. Some of the high-risk substances tested include:

  • Azo dyes: Synthetic colorants widely used in the production and treatment of textiles, leather articles, printing, paper manufacturing, adhesives, paints and some foods.
  • Biocides: Chemical substance or microorganism used as disinfectant and antiseptics and also in agriculture, antiseptics, forestry and industries.
  • Chemical residues: Remains of a chemical or heavy metals and acts as a contaminant.
  • Chlorinated phenols: Used in the production of pesticides, herbicides and wood preservatives. Residues of chlorophenol can be found in soil, water and air.

Additionally, we offer analytical and technical support to our customers and provide practical recommendations to avoid failure in future testing and to secure acceptance in worldwide market.