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Testdaa Global

Testdaa Global is a multi-disciplinary technical consulting firm with a service capability to support a broad range of projects of various sizes.  Providing value-added, high-quality services to meet the unique needs of our clients is what we do best. Our service capability covers a broad spectrum of Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Environmental, Polymer, materials testing, Reverse engineering and consulting projects. We have gained considerable expertise in major material testing projects in challenging fields, particularly in the manufacturing sectors as well as for Indigenous clients. It is our aim to provide clients with a one-stop-shop but this does not mean ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions. Our national network of resources and experts work closely with Clients to deliver custom solutions based on their specific project requirements.

We at Testdaa Global, help manufacturers and exporters in testing their materials and products through our partner labs located across India and worldwide. Our team of experts will assist you in Identifying the right tests required for your product and the right laboratories that can execute the project for you. The complete project responsibility will be handled by us making the whole process hassle free for our customers.


Trust. Having high confidence in our solutions and results.

Ethics. Uncompromising in truthfulness, honesty and integrity.

Service. Being professional, prompt and courteous.

Technical Leadership. Providing exceptional value with technical expertise.


Providing our clients with:

Cost effective and creative state-of-the art solutions.

Confident assurance of quality through prompt, reputable and unbiased services.


Safety is our top priority. Everybody deserves a safe workplace.

We sweat the details and know that sound decisions and results are based on information and data that can be trusted.

We work as a team.

We value our clients and their need for exceptional service.

We enjoy challenging projects.

Investment in people, technology and equipment are worth it.