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Chemical Compliances Testing

The laws and regulations pertaining to chemical industry are constantly evolving to keep up with the scientific advancements so as to minimize any potential risks and adverse effects on the environment and living beings. Jurisdictions make it mandatory for companies to disclose the make of their products so that there is a control over the components used to avoid and restrict use of hazardous substances. Manufacturers and importers must ensure that the parts and components used are as per the government regulations in order to maintain market access. Compliance with international, national and regional mandates on the proper use of chemicals is the fundamental principle for a growing business.

Chemical compliance services help their clients comply with the global regulatory standards by providing assistance with registration, notification, labeling, documentation and environmental reporting services for agricultural chemicals, polymers, organisms etc.  Chemicals add value to a lot of the products that we use on a daily basis and play an essential role in the global economy, hence careful management of chemicals is necessary to protect the consumers as well as the environment. Chemical compliance is to be observed during the selection of materials and components and care should be taken to avoid supplier risks ranging from engineering or manufacturing changes to product variation and contamination through the supply chain.

Why is chemical compliance testing important?

  • To safeguard human health and environment.
  • To access the global market.
  • To maintain brand reputation.
  • To avoid regulatory fines and litigation.
  • To save time and money.

    To support regulatory services in multiple jurisdictions, we maintain an exemplary relationship with domestic and international trade associations. A few of the services to help clients develop global testing strategies are:

  • Global Registration and Notification of chemicals, polymers, organisms, etc.
  • European REACH Regulation Services.
  • Global Registration of Biocides and Pesticides.
  • Global Registration of Fertilizers.
  • CFIA Non-Food Chemical Application Services.
  • Hazard Communication (Industrial/Consumer, SDS, Labels, Translations) Services.
  • Environmental Toxicological Risk Assessments.
  • Internal Regulatory Compliance Program Assessments.
  • Training.
  • Manufactures and importers must possess extensive knowledge of global regulatory requirements before placing their products that contain chemical components on the market but compliance can be hard to achieve in a global market when there is constant change in the new and existing laws. We offer assistance in updating you with the necessary information as we track potential regulatory changes that can affect the acceptance of your products.